Monday, December 10, 2012

since the last time


well hello my dear followers~  it's quite a long time since i last updated this blog. it's almost a year maybe? since the day before i entered the SESERI. woah, got to say that i kinda miss my-this-guchi-muchi-lovely-blog. lol. and yeah, i start it again :) 

so, i'm not going to say too much for this entry. i just wanna say that i'm going to be a 17-years-old-girl next year. okay, this means i have to face a big examination that anyone knows what it is. yeah, Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia or we called it as SPM. my target? yeah of course i wanna get straight A's for all the subjects. so, pray a lot for my success. thanks. :3  from now on, i need to have a new dream and a new hope to achieve my success. yeah, i know i can do it. :')

and more thing, this 13th december 2012 i'm turning to sweet 16 girl. yeahh, i know most of 1996's girls or boys semua dah jadi budak 16 tahun while me? whatttttttttt?  i'm Taylor Swift's twin sister because we shared the same birthday. jealous much? mwehehe.

yeah, i'm hoping for it.

thats all, byeee~

Monday, January 30, 2012


heyyyaaa ! long time no see yooo~ LOL. so,it's almost a month since the last time i updated this blog. i'm so lazy to click at the 'NEW POST' button. but tonight i keep forcing my finger to click on it and yeah it's worked. EH? hahaha. this is my late night post and i think this is going to be my last post before i'm going far far far away from here. haha xD  still don't get it? well, just look at this picture


*click at the picture for the large view

well, a picture tells everything. i'm going to my new school. i'm going to be a SESERI-an start from this Tuesday (31st January 2012). i'll be staying in hostel and okay, what else? no more Facebook, no more Twitter, no more Blogger, no more Tumblr, no more TV, no more phone, no more laptop, no more 'tidur lambat' for meeeeeeee. sounds so sucks right? but i hope i can enjoy my life there. 

look how lazy i am. i got this tawaran a few weeks ago but i updated about this just now. i mean for a few minutes ago errr today, a day before i'm going there. errr okay, i'm lazy and i know it~ *wiggles wiggles. LOL :P 

for sure, i'm going to miss them like a billion times a lot ! *what the hehh i'm talking about? erk. okay, i love them so much. they're my second family. they're just like my siblings. we laughed together, we cried together, we messed around together, we broke the school rules together, we did many things together ! i think i'm going to start crying now. :'( okay enough. i'm a strong girl. no cry no cry. erk. by the way, i'm the one who wore the turquoise checkered shirt with chocolate pashmina. look at my face. i know it's kinda funny. but do i look like i care? my AA still loves me. kbaiii xD

goodluck too for my dear Nabila Amira and the funny one, Mohd Norafiq because they got tawaran to SM Sains Sembrong and so did Danial Othman because he got tawaran to SM Tuanku Munawir. okay who else? :O sorry for who i didn't mentioned. :P so, my Nadzirah Aqilah and Nur Farhanah already went to Teknik Perdagangan. what? both of them got the same school? yes,i'm totally jealous okayyyy. T___T  haha. goodluck guys/girls ! all the best for all of you and to my gegurls who didn't get tawaran from any SBP, please don't be sad. remember that i'll always love you. EH? hahahahahaha okay but i'm serious :) 

for 3 years i've been studying here. and now it's time for me to say goodbye to this school. well,i'm going to miss this school a lot ! erk. i mean the teachers, the students (not all of them) xD, the environments, the canteen EH? , kak Nana's voice, my not-very-beautiful-class haha, my classmates and so many things in this school *i just don't have any idea on what else i want to mention for. :P but seriously, i'm NOT going to miss the foods at the canteen. HAHAHA. the foods just too oily. -__- well,this school make me for who i am now. this school also bring me to my new school, SM Sains Seri Puteri. so, thanks SMKDPT ! and thanks too for the teachers who teached me before till i got straight A's in my PMR and got tawaran to SESERI. :)

i also want to say that i'm going to miss my AA so much too ! well, he's already staying in hostel since last year and after this i'm going to stay in hostel too. so, no phone for me. we'll be not contact with each other for i-don't-know-until-when. wuwuwuwuuuuu how sad i am now~ T_______T  and lastly, i'm going to miss my mama and my ayah like a zillion times too ! i'm going to miss the moment when my mama babbling about this and that to me, the moment when mama woke me up in the morning for school, the foods that made by mama, ayah's face when he's sleepy *hahaha,this is so funny okayyyy! xD , the moment when ayah asked me to make a tea for him everyday, the moment when i've to wash all the dishes after we had our dinner and so many things laaaaaa ! >.<"  *i'll never say that i'm going to miss my lil brother because he keeps bullying me at home. arrghhhh,hate that ! =='

so, it's already 2.30 a.m. whattt?!! okay,i think i should go for a sleep now as i've to wake up early tomorrow to go to my school and take that sijil berhenti at the office. by the way, sorry for the many words of 'i'm going to miss.....' in this post. hahah. :P well,it's truth. i'm going to miss many things before i go to my new school. okay,that's all for now. i'll be update again later when i'm back home. for my followers, please don't unfollow me because i don't update this blog after this. and to my followers in Twitter, please don't unfollow me too because i don't tweet for something after this. hahahahahahahaha why i'm so desperate? this is not me. *slap on my face. xD 

okay take care guys/girls. byebye. adios amigos ! ;)

p/s : this is my first entry that all-fully with English words. hahahahahaha sounds so funny and kinda weird but i don't know what makes me want to post this entry in English.  =_________=  oh yea,sorry for my broken English and my grammar error.  but do i look like i care? i'm just trying to improve my English. well, nobody's perfect right? EH? hahahahaha kbaii :P

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